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In Spotlight, I present interesting recent work and offer some discussion of photographic technique, shooting approach, and equipment selection and use. Portions of this content will be of interest primarily to other photographers (or aspiring photographers). If you are an image buyer please enjoy the online gallery and feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

Recent Work

Interesting new projects and/or individual images that have not yet made it into the online gallery.

Articles and Learning

The Forgotten Lens: Why ditching that do-it-all zoom for a classic normal lens will make you a better photographer. Plus, how to get the most from the 50mm focal length.

f/1.0 And Be There: the Leica 50mm f/1.0 Noctilux-M. Using the world's fastest production 35mm camera lens.

Shooting the Executive Portrait: Practical advice for shooting successful pictures of busy people, with examples of my own practice and notes on location lighting.

News Archive

See my archive page for past news items.

Review Policy

All of the discussion on this site are of equipment that is, or has been, personally owned by me and/or used extensively in professional photographic applications. Naturally, all opinions are mine (unless otherwise noted) and should not be construed to reflect any official position or policy of the companies mentioned. And most importantly: my opinions are just that: opinions. What works for me may not work for you...



December 2004: Gary travels and photographs in Rajasthan, India.

September 2004: Gary's work is selected for exhibition in the Microsoft booth at Photokina.

June 2004: Gary's article on "The Digital African Safari" is published in the Summer 2004 issue of PhotoMedia magazine.

May 2004: Gary again covers the Microsoft CEO Summit.

April 2004: Gary's article "The Forgotten Lens" is published online by MSN.


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